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Who is the best London tax specialist?

  • July 13, 2020
  • Issac Qureshi
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What it takes to be the best can be hard to define, but not when it comes to the best tax specialist. In this case it is simply about who saves his or her cleats most money. It’s that simply. 

Isaac Qureshi is not in the talks as the top tax specialist in London because of his reputation for honesty, successful background, degrees in tax law, or any of his other correlates. He is simply one of the top tax advisors around because of his consistent track record of saving his clients money on their tax bills. 

But what does an expert London tax specialist like Issac Qureshi do differently than your average accountant handing out tax advice? 

Your accountant is trained in making sure you make use of the deductibles available to you under the tax regulations that affect you. He or she will make sure you filing the right paperwork and proof of all deductible expenses to the HMRS. But there is quite a bit more to building an efficient tax strategy than that. Tax strategy is about the future — next tax year and beyond. It can help you with anything from getting more money between your hands each month, over investing money your money into assets that work for you, to securing your wealth, estate or savings are passed on to your chosen heirs after you pass away. 

That brings us to one of the most important qualities in a tax specialist; understanding your unique financial goals and situation. Isaac Qureshi is a great listener. He takes the time to sit down with his clients to understand their goals, before planning a strategy that will make those goals come true. 

The second essential quality of a great tax advisor is the ability to see the bigger picture. There are many forms of wealth, not just cash savings. And which kind that works for you depends on your specific situation and financial goals. It might be worth to intentionally lower your taxable income to put you into a lower tax bracket, by investing in assets bringing you a return in the form of retirement income or more beneficially taxed inheritance for your children. 

A great tax advisor also need to be able to see beyond just one tax year. Most people who benefit from working on their tax strategy will have changing income over their lifetime. Their carriers and business activities will grow or shift over time, and their income will change dramatically when they retire. A tax strategist like Issac Qureshi helps them get the ideal income at every stage of their lives. 

To learn more about what a more efficient tax strategy could do for you, contact the top tax specialist in London UK, Issac Qureshi.