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The Best Tax Expert Specialist in Manchester

  • July 30, 2019
  • Issac Qureshi
  • Leadership, Self Improvement, SME, Tax Strategy, Taxation

Are there such a thing as the best tax specialist? 

This is a really good question. On the one hand, you need a specialist, or tax advisor, who specialises on your specific situation. A small business owner will have other taxation needs than an executive who just invested in a rental property. And an independent consultant with fluctuating income will have significantly other needs than someone with a stable monthly salary, etc. 

But on the other hand, the “best” tax specialist is also simply the one who saves you the most money on your annual tax bill — and that can be calculated and determined. Of course it is difficult (actually impossible) to know exactly how much your tax advisor will save you before you hire him or her. But you CAN get a pretty good idea by asking them about their track record. 

The first thing you should ask a tax expert before hiring them is if they have worked with someone in a similar financial situation to yours and how much they helped “someone in your shoes” save. Let’s say you just invested in X with the prospect of earning Y capital gains next fiscal year — if the tax advisor you are talking to helped another investor save a big sum last year, then they are probably the right person for you too. 

Issac Qureshi is a tax specialist in Manchester with a great track record for helping his clients save money on their tax bills. With a law degree from University College London (UCL) specialising on tax legislation and commercial trust law, Issac specialises on helping organisations and individuals with more complex taxation needs. 

How do you know if your taxation needs are complex? 

If your income comes from multiple sources, let us say you have a set salary at your company but also receive dividends on investments you have made and maybe you receive rent from tenants in buildings you own. In this situation how you structure your tax strategy can have great impact on how much you pay in capital gains and income tax. A great tax strategist like Issac can help you plan your taxes for next year in advance, so you only pay the amount you have to to the HMRS. And get more money in your hands, your retirement savings, investments, etc. 

Another complex tax situation could be that you have fluctuating income that can be difficult to plan into the future. This includes entrepreneurs/business owners, independent consultants, and most businesses. Issac has founded several businesses of his own and led departments with 8 figure budgets and overseen corporate mergers worth millions. He knows how to keep an overview of complex situations and get the most out the information available. 

For more information about improving your tax strategy, and find  specialist and expert tax advice visit or contact Issac Qureshi via the form below.