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Tax specialist in the UK

  • November 1, 2018
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What exactly does a tax specialist in the UK do?

Are you wondering whether you should hire a tax specialist in Manchester UK?  Or what the benefits of hiring a tax specialist in London UK are over just sticking with your accountant? Then we have assembled a few key points to clear up the subject here.

First of all we should clear up the difference between an accountant and a tax planner. An accountant is trained to prepare and examine your financial records.

Your accountant makes sure that your documentation and tax payments are accurate and on time. But accountants are not trained in financial planning or planning tax strategies. Therefore, if you want to improve your ta efficiency, i.e.

Not pay more taxes than absolutely necessary, then you need to hire a tax specialist.


Tax specialist in Yorkshire UK or anywhere else in the country is an expert on taxation law, tax regulations, and strategies to get the most out of your earnings, assets and savings, by paying the most beneficial amount of taxes possible.

Among the premier tasks of a tax advisor, is to make sure that you are aware of all the tax exemptions and tax-free personal allowances, and make the maximum possible use of them. Your accountant should be able to calculate these allowances and exceptions when doing your annual tax report. But necessarily help you find the optimal taxation strategies and tax plan.

There are too many different factors regulating the tax exemptions ad personal allowances that might be available to you, for us to cover them in this short article. But a good tax specialist can workout your options for you.

“Many people think that the number the HMRC are charging them every tax year is set in stone and cannot be reduced. At least not legally.

However, that is far from true. There are plenty of legal tax strategies that you can adopt to save money.” Says Issac Qureshi, London tax specialist.


So in short a tax specialist is an advisor who help you work out the beneficial tax strategy for the following financial year. The real benefit of hiring a tax specialist is that a good one easily pays back the investment by saving you a lot of money on your tax bill. So you can increase your annual earnings with minimal effort on your part.

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