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  • November 1, 2018
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When you are looking for a seasoned tax specialist in Manchester, who knows your needs and challenges as a business owner first, you have to consider Isaac Qureshi. Qureshi has built two companies from the ground up, and been instrumental in growing multimillion pound revenue streams, handled eight figure budgets and been a strategic part of the integration of the National Westminster Bank into the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

So Issac is not just an expert on British Tax Law without practical experience, he knows how the tax strategies he develops with you, tailored for your business, affects your actual annual operations. He is of course fully up to date on and highly experienced handling UK tax regulations, and he is the currently the Non-Executive Director of the Taxation Consultancy and Wealth Management firm, Ogilvy&Haart 8one of the companies he founded and took from startup to international success) which grants him a wide network of experienced tax and wealth management professionals.

But it is more than anything his hands-on experience using advanced taxation and assets handling strategies that makes Isaac Qureshi the foremost business tax specialist in Manchester. He is a versatile strategic thinker who knows in great detail how financial strategies affect your business and its daily operation. He passionately emphasises that no business is operating in isolation, and always takes the time to understand the broader context in which your organisation is situated.

Specialises on individuals and organisation with multiple income streams

Planning your taxation under UK taxation rules can be complicated enough with income coming from a single revenue stream or salary. But when having to manage several sources of income, and make sure you get the most out of your tax plan by maximising your payment efficiency, things get really complicated. However, these complicated high income situations are exactly what Isaac Qureshi specialises on.

He can help you get the most out of tour assets and income without overpaying on your annual tax payments.

For more information about improving your tax strategy, contact Isaac Qureshi via the form below.