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  • November 1, 2018
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Who are the Best Tax Advisor London UK?

Deciding who are the best at anything is always challenging. It usually depends a lot on the situation and what criteria you choose for selecting “the best.”

However, In this article we will list a few points about why we think that Issac Qureshi is one of the most reliable if not the top tax advisor in the UK.


What makes a great tax advisor in London UK?

A great tax advisor needs to have in-depth knowledge of UK tax law and regulations, and continuously stay updated on changes and developments in the field. British tax law and legal practises are complex, and changes frequently, so having the ability to stay informed is essential.

But knowing the prevailing legislation is not enough. Tax planning is a highly practical endeavour, and not just theoretical. A great tax strategy advisor in London needs to know how to implement the principles and strategies in the context of the clients actual situation. As such the advisor needs to have an eye for the broader context of his or her work, and to be able to anticipate the practical consequences of the tax plans in the client’s work and everyday life.


Issac Qureshi is maybe the tax advisor in Manchester and London with the most suitable experience when it comes to practical implementation of tax strategies in both business and private finances. He has managed multi million pound budgets for large international corporations, and taken his own companies from startups to successful market flotations worth millions. Needless to say, he has the necessary practical experience making a business profitable through effective financial and taxation strategies.

Today Qureshi combines his almost two decades of business experience, with his specialisation on UK and international commercial trust law, to help clients save on their annual tax bill. Using an asset trust to safeguard your assets against taxation, but also in case of unexpected events like corporate bankruptcies, divorces, etc., are a hot topic right now. And for good reason.

While it is completely legal and in full compliance with the current tax regulations to protect your asset in a trust, does (like all financial strategies) come with certain risks. That is why you should always make use of a trusted tax advisor when putting your assets into a trust.

Issac Qureshi offers years of experience providing significant tax savings by use of tax planning strategies like asset trusts. That makes him a trusted advisor to his clients in London, Yorkshire, and Manchester.

For more information about improving your tax strategy, contact Issac Qureshi tax advisor, via the form below.