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Rebuilding HR to Support Growth in Your Company

  • August 26, 2020
  • Issac Qureshi
  • Coaching, Development, Issac Qureshi, Leadership

Some businesses fail within weeks of the establishment while others thrive and make a good profit within the same period. HR support highly determines the fate of a business. If the Human Resource is empowered, the business is likely to survive even when facing unprecedented challenges. COVID-19 has drastically affected the economy resulting in the closing down of numerous companies. Taking care of the company’s employees determines if the business will flourish or flop. The following are ways a company can take care of its HR.

Be Authentic

The quarantine season is a difficult one. Everyone is hurting because of canceled plans, and most employees are working from home. It is good for employers to check on their remote workers regularly. They can use slack, send an email, or use any other appropriate means. If possible physical safe meetings can also be initiated. Moreover, if a worker is going through a hard time, it is good for the employer to offer kind words and assistance where they can.

Companies Should Have Generous Perks

Perks are an appropriate way of appreciating employees, especially when the business is making a profit. A company should have regular perks for all employees, such as health benefits. Furthermore, it should have occasional perks such as paid vacations. Businesses should also have perks that take care of employees’ families, such as pregnancy care kits or generous parental leaves.

Coach the Employees

Employers should not always rush to firing employees; instead, they should get them trainers to equip them with skills that will make them more productive. Moreover, they should go further and enhance the employee’s personal growth. For instance, employing a company’s psychologist to offer guidance to workers going through a hard time.

Reach Out for Employer’s Feedback

The employer should request for employee’s views when planning to bring a new idea onboard. This will make them feel like part of the company, hence work hard for its success. Additionally, businesses should have anonymous channels for communication, workers engagement surveys, and standardized promotions.

Hire Diverse Workers

Employers should not discriminate on the bases of race, political opinions, religion, or gender. Instead, a workplace should be inclusive of people of diverse cultures as long as they possess relevant skills and experience.


If the employer treats the employees well, in return, they will help the company grow.