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Issac Qureshi Non-Executive Director

  • November 1, 2018
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Isaac Qureshi has more than 15 years of experience as a taxation professional and deal maker. He has helped clients with a broad spectrum of strategic advisory services, such as taxation planning, wealth creation, management and protection, business strategy, understanding tax law and regulation, and negotiating the best possible deals.

History and accomplishments

Isaac Qureshi has served as Board Director for Omnicom, where he was:

–     Responsible for delivering the global re-branding for The Royal Bank of Scotland,

–     A strategic part of the integration of the National Westminster Bank (NatWest) into the Royal Bank of Scotland Group,

–     Accountable for re-launching their general insurance, and delivering an additional £9m revenue stream within its first three months through direct channels and integrated marketing.

At his second NED (Non-executive Director) position Isaac Qureshi was accountable for the internal marketing agency and subsidiary of Omnicom, TBWA’s, £30m marketing budget in Manchester.

With that experience under his belt, Qureshi left the Omnicom Group to co-found his first company, Urban Logic. Urban Logic is an off-plan property investment company, which allowed him to use his business and marketing skills to establish and grow the company on a competitive and crowded British real estate market. Within the first 18 months of the companies life, Qureshi and his business partner successfully turn the startup into a solid organisation delivering £500,000+ of profit annually. Just 6 months later he negotiated a £7.4m market sale with a listing on the London Stock Exchange. 

As a result of this feat, Qureshi has been involved with several successful Stock Market flotations since then. And it led to a number of non-executive roles, at companies like Nadlan plc, Brand Co plc, LAKAS Investments plc and Marvel Marketing plc.

His second startup was the London-based taxation and wealth management advisory firm, Ogilvy&Haart providing financial and advisory services to both individuals and businesses. Since its foundation, Qureshi has grown the company into an international organisation with 3 offices in the UK and 2 International offices.

Isaac Qureshi is currently holding the position of Non-Executive Director of Ogilvy&Haart, and operating as a Trust Taxation Specialist aiding selected enterprises in the property, medical and wider business sectors.