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  • November 1, 2018
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Your Expert Tax Adviser in London

Finding the right tax adviser in London can be tricky. Few places in the world are there so many skilled and knowledgeable financial and taxation professionals offering their services. So how do you find the tax specialist that is right for you?

If you are a business owner or in charge of the financial decisions of your company? If you have several difference streams of revenue, or fluctuating revenue from quarter to quarter or financial year to financial year? Then Issac Qureshi is London’s best tax adviser.


Qureshi specialises in helping businesses and organisations get the most out of their assets through more efficient tax payment. What sets him apart from other gifted tax advisors, is his unique overview over the general context in which your business operates. As the founder of Ogilvy&Haart Wealth Management and Tax Consultancy, he has hands-on experience with using the taxation principles and strategies he help his clients implement. In other words, the advice and tax plans he develops for your company is advice and planning he would apply to his own business.

Leading local provider of financial and taxation services in London

Being an active part of the London business scene, Isaac Qureshi keeps a finger  on the pulse of what happens both in terms of the latest developments of British tax regulation and how those regulations affect actual businesses across London and the UK.

Thanks to his extended network of expert financial advisors and taxation professionals through his non-executive director position at Ogilvy&Haart, and his relationship with clients and businesses across London, he can accommodate a wide range of taxation needs.

Qureshi has helped thousands of Londoners find the right tax plan and wealth management strategy for themselves and their organisations. And it is this outstanding track record that has established him as a top rated London tax consultant in UK.

So because Isaac Qureshi is a living breathing business owner himself, he has a unique attention to the essential details for keeping a company as profitable as possible through the right financial strategies.

For more information about improving your tax strategy, contact Isaac Qureshi via the form below.