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Issac Qureshi is the Best Tax Expert in the UK

  • June 23, 2020
  • Issac Qureshi
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Right now, you’ve probably been Googling the best tax advice in the UK. But how do you know is really the best? In this article we will help you figure out whether Issac Qureshi is a good fit for you. 

Who is Issac Qureshi? 

Issac is a tax specialist in Yorkshire, Manchester and London, with expertise in taxation and trust law. He holds a long track record of helping his clients manage — and save on — their tax bills. 

He has a reputation for being honest, straight forward and to the point. He has been in charge of implementing taxation plans and strategic insights into large organisations, from The Royal Bank of Scotland to his own startups. In these roles, action and results weights more than talk, and this is the mindset you can expect when working with Issac. 

Can Issac Qureshi help me with inheritance tax?

Inheritance taxation is one of Issac’s specialties. When writing a will, most people only plan who gets what. But this approach has a long list of problems. E.g. if you decide to leave the family home to one of your children, that heir might be charged so much in inheritance tax, that they will be forced to sell the home to pay off the taxes. To avoid this, your inheritance strategy needs to account for taxes and preferably find a (legal!) way to minimise how much your heir is taxed when taking over the home. 

The same is true if you want an heir to take over your company. Again, you want  that heir to take over your entire life’s work, and not have to sell some of it to pay the inheritance tax. 

As a tax specialist in Manchester, Yorkshire and London, Issac Qureshi can help you set up an asset trust to solve the problems mentioned above and many other problems related to inheritance tax. 

Are asset trusts only for inheritance purposes?

Not at all — Asset trusts are a legal entity that can be used to secure assets and avoid overpaying on your tax bill. It is effective for managing assets for a wide range of different purposes. If you want to hand over assets to minors for example, you can use a trust to hold the assets until the minor is old enough to manage them themselves. This way the assets will not be devalued by heavy taxation before the recipient grows up. 

To learn more about one of the top Tax Specialists in London, Manchester and Yorskhire, contact Issac Qureshi, below: