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Issac Qureshi is a Tax Specialist in the UK

  • April 18, 2019
  • Issac Qureshi
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Are you wondering whether or why you need a tax specialist in the UK? And
if so, who you should choose?

Those are really good questions, and chances are if you are already asking
yourself those things, you probably need professional guidance to make sure
you are not overpaying on your taxes. Someone who have helped numerous
organizations and individuals save on their tax bills is Issac Qureshi, tax
specialist in London.

But of course you need to find the tax advisor that best fits your unique
situation and needs. Every tax advisor specialises on specific fields and those
claiming to be able to do it all rarely do everything well. So in what scenario
should you consider contacting Issac Qureshi?

Are you getting income from more than one source?

If you are earning on anything in addition to your salary? That can be income
from renting out a room, an apartment or larger rental properties. Owning
interest yielding assets, eligible for capital gains tax. Being a business owner
with a fluctuating income from your business’ operations, or simply having a
second or part time job. If any of these statements fit your situation, you most
likely have several opportunities to lower your monthly tax payments. But that
also complicates your situation significantly, making it far more complicated to
set on the right taxation strategy. In this case, teaming up with trust worthy
London tax advice can be a lifesaver for your financial situation.

Are you looking to secure your wealth for the next generation?

Making sure that you have a beneficial tax inheritance strategy in place in
good time can mean the difference between your children or heirs being able
to keep the assets, business, or property or properties you leave them, versus
being forced to sell those assets to pay their inheritance tax bill. That is the
main reason to seek out proper inheritance tax planning in the UK.

How do I reduce my inheritance tax?

The strategy that tax specialists use to secure inheritance of wealth and
assets against overtaxation is distributing the ownership of the assets in
question. The strategies that Issac Qureshi employs to help his customers are
of course 100% legal and in full compliance with current tax regulations — so
NO tax evasion schemes are involved. Instead Qureshi helps you take
advantage of the benefits your situation gives you. E.g. if you are married,
you can place assets in your spouse’s name or place valuable assets in an
asset trust, and give control of the trust to your children to minimise
inheritance tax when you pass.

For more information about improving your tax strategy, and one of the top
inheritance tax planners in London visit or contact Issac
Qureshi via the form below.