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How to Build a Successful Resume

  • October 26, 2020
  • Issac Qureshi
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While there are plenty of templates that you can use to write your resume, that’s not always the best way to go. It’s often better to write your resume yourself, so you can organize your education, skills, and work history more concisely. Additionally, a template may not bring your relevant experiences and skills to the forefront, which is something you’ll need to do to attract the interest of potential employers. Here are some more tips to help your resume stand out.


Don’t Confuse the Reader

While you may think embedding graphs and charts will help your resume stand out, they can actually make the document more difficult to read. Instead, keep your resume free of imagery, so it will flow evenly from beginning to end. Start with your most relevant experiences and work your way backwards to ensure the reader sees what you want them to see first.


Highlight Your Achievements

Don’t assume the reader will infer your achievements in reading about your job experiences. Instead, you should create a separate section that highlights the achievements you’ve earned throughout your career. By putting your achievements together, you can showcase them all at once for a bigger impact on the reader.


Tailor to Job Postings

You should customize your resume to fit each job posting to which you respond. The best way to do this is to look for important keywords in the job description and insert those words into your resume. Insert each word where they fit well and are relevant, so you’ll make a more positive impression on the reader.


Keep it Brief

Each paragraph should be kept short. Most people don’t like to read large blocks of text, and this is especially true of busy hiring managers who have dozens of resumes to sort out. If a paragraph is more than four lines long, look for ways to cut down on the word count.


When you proofread your resume, look for ways you can make it a cleaner read. You can insert blank spaces between sections to provide a break for the reader. Additionally, download it onto your phone. If it’s easy to read on your phone, it will be an easy read on other devices as well. Making your resume concise and relevant will add to the positive impression you hope to have on your potential employer.