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Get The Best Tax Strategy In The UK With Issac Qureshi

  • April 30, 2019
  • Issac Qureshi
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Finding the right tax strategy in the UK can be a jungle. If you financial
situation is just a little more complicated than receiving an identical salary
check every month, you need in-depth understanding of tax law and several
other financial matters. But don’t worry, there’s help to find by finding a great
tax specialist near you.

Isaac Qureshi is a seasoned tax specialist in London and Yorkshire, who
specialises on developing the most effective tax strategies for more
complicated tax situations. He works with organisations, business owners and
individuals whose income situations require the best planned in tax strategy
in London.

Why hire a tax specialist in the UK?

Getting professional advice from an advisor near you is one of the safest and
easiest ways to secure more disposable income or savings. So if you live in
Yorkshire, find a tax specialist in Yorkshire, if you live in London find a tax
advisor in London, and so on. A good tax advisor will help you get the most
out of the tax free allowances and tax exemptions you and potentially your
family members have. He or she can also help you set up an asset trust
which is the most effective way to manage your tax bill if you are getting
income from profitable assets like stock shares or property.
After working with a broad range of clients as a tax advisor in Yorkshire,
and managing financial matters for several companies — including some of
his own — Qureshi has in-depth knowledge of implementing effective taxation
strategies including the use of taxation trusts.

But what exactly is a trust?

A trust is a legal arrangement that “take over” and hold your assets, savings,
properties and/or investments. As long as your assets are held by the trust
they are not counted as part of your’s and therefore they are not taxed and
cannot be claimed by creditors in case of a bankruptcy, divorce or similar
matter where a party lays claim on your property. It should be said that the tax
exemptions you get are fully legal and NOT tax evasion. That is what makes it
a legal and beneficial way to secure your hard-earned savings and the
investment returns you have been risking your money for.

The catch with putting your assets in a trust is that legally you don’t directly
own the assets held by the trust. For that reason it is important that you get
an experienced tax advisor with years of experience with tax law to structure
your trust. That is the only way to be completely sure that you can get your
assets back when you need or your heirs can get to the assets at the event of
your passing.

For more information on how to improve your tax strategy in Yorkshire or
London, visit or contact Issac Qureshi via the form below.