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  • November 1, 2018
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How do you get the best deals for your business?

Regardless of which industry you are in, getting the right deals with suppliers, subcontractors, or when selling, merging or taking your business public, can be the difference between failure and success. Great dealmaking is an art that very few of us possess and even fewer excels at.

Think about it. You probably got into, or started your business, because you were really passionate about the product or service you provide. You excel at delivering the best possible service to your customer, ensuring the highest quality of work. But most business professionals did not get into their industry to negotiate deals with investors, acquisitions of competing businesses, etc. Especially not when those deals require in-depth knowledge of complex corporate and taxation legislation.

So if you are in an industry or your business has a size that requires negotiation of important business deals, then you should at least consider doing what most successful companies and executives do — namely hire a professional dealmaker in Manchester.

The investment you make into getting professional tax planning, financial advise, restructuring or renegotiating your current deals, is widely regarded as one the most economically beneficial investments you can make as a business. As the long term benefits of even subtle changes in your operations greatly outweighs the initial cost of hiring an advisor. — At least if the dealmaker has a great track record and knows what they’re doing.

Issac Qureshi is a dealmaker in Manchester, specialising in helping businesses secure the most profitable deals available to them, and make sustainable long term results. He has a background in finance, taxation, dealmaking for large international corporations and been in charge of multi million pound budgets. He has overseen successful flotations and corporate mergers and been at the negotiation table at international bank acquisition and implementation.

All of this makes Isaac Qureshi a highly experienced business dealmaker in Manchester. He is more than familiar working in compliance with complex taxation and legal regulation, and still maintain an eye on the bigger picture and practical implementations for his clients’  businesses.

For more information about improving your tax strategy, contact Issac Qureshi via the form below.