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  • July 27, 2020
  • Issac Qureshi
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Upgrading your tax strategy is in most cases the highest return you can get with the least investment. Since it will increase your bottom line without demanding more work, it is also connected to significantly less risk than other profit maximising activities. That is, if your tax schemes are within the boundaries of the law and compliant with the existing tax regulations. 

That is the reason why you need a tax specialist to go over your tax planning with you. In contrast to the accountant you already have prepare and file your taxes, a tax specialist holds a law degree specialising on tax law or related subjects, such as international trust law. That allows them to consult your business on how to minimise your tax payments legally and still make full use of the financial instruments available to you. 

Another defining feature of a great corporate tax advisor is that they are experienced integrating taxation strategies with your general business strategy. The goal of a successful tax strategy is not necessarily to save you money, but to help you achieve your business goals. E.g. a tax specialist in Yorkshire can help you invest funds that would otherwise be heavily taxed into growing your business instead. 

What makes Issac Qureshi Yorkshire’s best tax specialist isn’t just decades of experience as a tax specialist or his first class honours law degree from University College London. It is that he hands gotten his hands dirty building and growing and leading businesses himself. He knows how to use tax planning as a profitable tool in business management. 

As an entrepreneur and director he has been accountable for the multimillion pound budgets of corporations like TBWA and The Royal Bank of Scotland. He has handled corporate mergers, market flotations, and generated millions in annual additional income streams. In these cases, tax planning were an essential part of securing that those profits didn’t get swallowed up by taxes. 

Issac’s business experience combined with his in-depth knowledge of UK tax law and regulations has helped him build an excellent track record of helping businesses get their revenue to work for them instead of the HMRS. As non-executive director of the wealth and asset management consultancy, Ogilvy & Haart, Issac builds the tax planning strategies for businesses across the UK. Ogilvy & Haart provides a wide variety of specialised services, such as asset protection, Asset Trust Management, Fiduciary Management and Accountancy Services.

To learn more about how a consultant can help you solve your business tax needs, contact Issac Qureshi, the top tax specialist in Yorkshire UK.